"Dagmar sounds nothing if not contemporary, and the combination of Cohen’s and Mallard’s voices, which differ in timbre and pitch, make for a delightful listen. Their debut album Afterlight is a beautiful, melancholic creation, filled with sparse instrumentation and soul-piercing lyrics." 

~Jessie Scheme of SF Weekly

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"Around 10 years ago, [Gemma and Miranda] discovered that they both loved choral music, and had their first “musical episode” together—they sang the stunningly beautiful “Flower Duet” from Delibes’ opera Lakmé. They’ve been singing together ever since." 

~ Lily O'Brien of Pacific Sun

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"Fans of Fleet Foxes might want to discover the harmonic goodness that Iowa's Dagmar brings to their music"


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"The ways these arrangements juxtapose against the rawness of Dagmar’s vocal performances, and the plaintive lyrics they typically articulate, give their music a fascinating emotional texture... There is something quite impressive about being able to write songs that can feel at once both wholly ethereal and like a punch to the gut."

~Arash Singh of Little Village Mag

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Album Review of afterlight by Michael Roeder

"While listening to the album, I found myself frequently caught in the embrace of beautiful vocals, riding each glorious crescendo to resolution while losing track of time and place. At times, the music echoes the harmonies of Fleet Foxes, and at other times it seems to rise from the same wooded atmospherics as Bon Iver. It harbors the aching folk of Iron and Wine. 

But none of these comparisons capture the music either. Listening to Dagmar is like listening to the beautiful, hypnotizing songs of two sirens—ones steering you not toward shipwreck, but toward heartbreak."

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